About Us

Don Sixto, A man with firm values, who always encouraged honest, hard and teamwork. He was a proud farmer who fell in love of his lands and harvest, a humble man with a big heart who always led by example, a down-to-earth dreamer who with hard work and honesty managed to turn some of his dreams into reality.

Our brand was created in honour of the biggest dream of our grandfather Sixto Aguilar that time did not let him realize. A family project that started as continuation of his dream and became reality.

“Don Sixto” merged as a result of a family trip to Villa Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. A land known for its exquisite mezcal culture, where we met “The Mezcaleros”; craftsmen who dedicate their life to cultivate and harvest the agave plant. The Mezcaleros are the only ones who can produce Mezcal and call it Mezcal! They have passed on the art of producing mezcal generation after generation since pre-Hispanic times, achieving an excellent production and unique recipe worth of wearing Don Sixto´s label.

Through our products we look forward to establishing our brand as one of the best Mezcals in Mexico and Worldwide. Bringing with us this delightful experience and a piece of Mexico to foreign countries.

There are more than a thousand different types of agaves from where Mezcal is made from. Don Sixto produces 6 different types of Mezcals, which have proudly won 5 national awards thought the years (Tobala and Arroqueño won gold medal, and Espadin won silver medal in 2019, from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.” Coyote won silver medal in 2019 from “Viva Mezcal” and gold medal in 2021 from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.”)